As mentioned we are both a free and paid service in different areas of the business depending on the scope of the project or job to be completed. Please read more here.

Our donations differ to our income. Income is contractual agreed payments where we are hired to do certain jobs that require a skillset or a team of people to complete the job. This covers work we do that isn’t considered essential to human life.

Donations are gifts that are given to the company as appreciation for any gifts we provide.

We believe that anybody who seeks to improve their quality life on earth and learn about the further about the human soul and God should have the information for free. The information we provide on soul growth development and anything we provide that is essential for your spiritual and emotional healing is our gift to you and therefore we do not charge a set price for this.

If you have the means to and would like to express your gratitude you may donate an amount of your choice.

If you are just wanting to make a donation because you are happy with any of our other services you may do so.

Starting from this financial year 2020/2021, we would also like to pay it forward by donating to various charities so for every donation (not income) we receive we will donate 20% to our chosen charities.

Your donations will be extremely helpful and will be reinvested to further grow Soulset Studios, and to pay it forward to children in need and the much needed restoration of the environment.

Also for any income we receive we will donate a further 10% of our earnings to our chosen charities. The rest will go to further Soulset Studios and also our living expenses.

Donate or pay for a service to Soulset Studios via the following methods:

Direct Deposit

Australian Bank Details

Soulset Studios Pay ID: 91452249558

Account Name – Soulset Studios

Bsb – 012172

Acc – 476084537

Branch – SydneyYork and Market St

Swift Code – ANZBAU3M

Other Platforms (We receive a portion of your donations after fees)



Donate Personal Gifts to our Creators via the following transaction methods:

Thalia Skopellos

Pay ID: 0490 923 385


Nicoleta Marangou

Pay ID: 0420 495 419