Welcome to Soulset Studios


Imagine a world full of people pursuing their passions instead of working jobs!

Studies show that 85% of the working population hate their job, prison populations are increasing and one of the most pressing issues for disability is a lack of social inclusion and multiple barriers to meaningful participation in the community.

We hope to create a service that address these issues at the cause of the problem by providing an opportunity to develop your passions and practical solutions to some of the physical, emotional and spiritual problems that prevent people from engaging and discovering their true purpose and personality in the world.

We desire for others to discover who they are, do what they love!

To do this we have created 4 main areas of services:

We have created a DIY Education and holistic programs for businesses and individuals who want to learn the skills to grow their passions. These are specialised custom-tailored packages that are run for an extended period of time depending on your needs.

Our DIY Programs include:

DIY Video Education

DIY Independent Music Label Education

DIY Home Studio Recording Setup


If you prefer to hire us to DIFY (do it for you) in film, music or digital content production you can contact us for your free 1hr consultation to see how we can assist you.

Our services include:

Video Production

Promo videos, documentaries, films, short films, music videos

Music Production

If you need sound composition for your film or video or you are a musician and would like to record and release music.

Livestream Production

Multi camera set up and video switching for your next event

Film Ediiting

If you already have footage and want us to edit for you

Graphic Design

Posters, flyers, programs, business cards, letterhead, album artwork, logo design, social media assets


Headshots, portraits, live events, products, food, landscape + more


Our lessons are a part of our DIY Education services, this is where you can get shorter one on one online or F2F weekly lessons in the following areas:

Music Production & Recording


Lyric Writing

Acting (Meisner Technique)


Film Editing

Our lessons are a part of our DIY Education services, these course are specific modules for groups of individuals wanting to learn film. We schedule our classes for 3hrs per week over an 8-10 weekly term. We are currently offering the following courses:

Film Production Intensive (8 weeks)

Documentary Intensive (8 weeks)

What We Do

Our VISION- A world full of passionate people living their true nature and fulfilling their dreams through a personal relationship with God and their soulmate.

Our MISSION – is to provide the most accessible and quality DIY education and production services to businesses and individuals wanting to grow their passions.

‘Connecting people to their passions and helping them discover who they are in harmony with God’s Way.’

DIY Education

Enrol in DIY Education in video production, filmmaking, music production, storytelling, acting, home studio setup and personal development lessons, courses, and workshops. We are also currently developing holistic programs for prisons and working with disability.



Hire us for your next project – films, short films, music video’s, documentaries and videography, social media content and high quality livestreams!

Get to know our Founders

Hello from Thalia and Nicoleta! Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you enjoy the content we post here. We are a gay soulmate couple and have been together for over 3 years and have a passion for film, music and soul growth (personal development).

We have been experimenting with a relationship with God, however we are not affiliated with any religion. We believe that no matter what your sexuality, everyone and anyone can have a personal relationship with God without a church, and through this relationship one can flourish in their relationship with each other and in their passions.

We are not perfect in our relationship and have much to learn about what it means to love each other as our True Parent God loves us but we hope that we can demonstrate in a small way that even gay souls can be loved by God and love God in return and from this many beautiful things can happen.

We want to share what we learn with others and provide as much opportunity for others to engage their passions and begin their journey of discovering who they are and if others desire it we can share what we have learned about growing emotionally and about God.

It is up to you tho, we will never force our beliefs onto anyone and if you don’t desire it, we won’t share.

We do look forward to sharing our soul with you in our creations through our art and through this business growing closer together with each other and God.

To find out more about our professional accomplishments head to the link below.

Thank you and we look forward to serving you.

Thay & Nic