Soulset Studios was founded by singer-songwriter-producer Thaylia with the goal of educating, assisting and providing practical solutions to some of the physical, emotional and spiritual problems that prevent people from engaging and discovering their true purpose and personality in the world.

Soulset means the opposite to mindset. Many people believe that in order to create change, or attract positivity such as wealth, abundance, health and mental wellbeing it’s as simple as changing your mindset (thoughts) and saying positive affirmations.

We believe the only way to create true everlasting change in your life is to change your emotions (soulset) because emotions and feelings are much more powerful than thoughts and words.

Therefore our main focus is on discovering all that we can about developing the human soul through taking action in our passions and desires and allowing this process to teach us about our current emotional trauma and conditioning that is holding us back.

Many people in the world are often working in jobs as a means to an end and often put their true passions and desires on the back burner and then get to an age where they feel it’s too late but as we have discovered in most cases it is never too late to start again.

There are a number of causes mostly connected to our childhood, that prevent this discovery from happening and we would like to find and share God’s Truth about the the human soul that might give others the tools and education to remove these causes and heal the physical, emotional and spiritual problems prevent them from living a life full pf passion.

We would love to see every single person on this earth engaged in their passions.

We are not aligned or affiliated with any religion, or religious faith but believe that it is possible to develop a personal relationship with God and learn directly from God about all matters and not through any third party.

Some of our core values include the equal treatment of all people and we believe that truth should be available to everyone who desires it. Because of this we provide this information about God and the human soul for free through  soul growth mentoring  sessions.

We believe that the human soul is the most powerful tool that supersedes the minds intellect and that it is a human right to have access to this information for free.

It is essential and necessary for all people to have the opportunity to learn and understand themselves, for the improvement of our condition of love and existence on earth and the complete elimination of all darkness on the earth.

We believe when you develop and engage your soul in a loving direction and become sensitive to your emotions, it is then you will have much more power to change your life and as a result the world.

‘When you change your soulset, it is then you will have the power to change your life.’

Change Your Soulset.