After Jack’s mother dies from a drug overdose, he tries to prevent his father from using drugs by attempting to take a bag of drugs away from him. However, his father misinterprets his actions and violently kicks Jack out of their home. Fifteen years later, Jack lives a transient and disillusioned life on the streets, haunted by the trauma of his mother’s death and his abusive past. When he witnesses a junkie taking drugs, Jack impulsively tries to intervene but is unable to prevent the person from using. Following a physical altercation, Jack witnesses an attempted robbery of a young woman and decides to help her. This act of kindness is recognized and reciprocated by the woman, and the two continue to work together to assist others in need.

This film is currently circulating in film festivals.



Sound Recordist: Thalia Skopellos

Boom Operator: Nicoleta Marangou

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