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Why Soulset Studios?

My name is Thalia Skopellos and I am the Founder of Soulset Studios.

I created Soulset Studios with the aim to give gifts, share myself with others, and grow my relationship with God and my soulmate. I would also like to become self responsible for my life and less reliant on others to provide a wage to me and more reliant on God to help me to create the life I want to live.

I created this business with the intention to learn and grow about how to create and attract abundance by growing my soul through an emotional process and by receiving God’s Love, and striving to work towards doing business God’s Way.

This business is also a way for my partner and I to spend more time with each other and engage our passions together. Eventually my partner and I would love to buy a piece of land and move to the country so that we can be in nature, and focus on our relationship with God and each other while still being self-responsible for our life through our passions.

We hope to grow this business to a point that we are able to move to any location desired while still being engaged in our passions and being self responsible for our work life.

What spending time in nature in the city looks like 😀

Starting a business was something that was never encouraged in me growing up, I was always told to ‘get a job’, one that is stable with a pay packet every week.

As a result I have never attempted to have my own business before, in fact I know very little about how to get a business up and running. So this is what I want to learn from God. How to run a business, God’s Way.

I also want to learn how to give and give gifts as I have mostly lived life in a very selfish way, out to get and take from the world without really desiring to give anything in return.

All my life I have been like a mouse on a wheel, very self reliant, feeling like I have to do things all by myself so that I can have food on the table and a roof over my head.

Over the past few years I have been exploring some of my beliefs about money that I have been holding onto that have been preventing me from attracting abundance in my life. Some of those beliefs have included:

  • I have to work like a dog to get by – meaning I have to work long hours and in jobs I don’t like for money.
  • Having abundance is not possible, that somehow there is something intrinsically wrong me that abundance will always be out of my reach.
  • I can’t have abundance from doing my passions, it’s just not possible.
  • Abundance is for other people and not me.
  • I am just not worthy or good enough to share in God’s abundance.

As a result of holding onto these false beliefs I have mostly lived pay packet to pay packet, scrimping and scrounging, I have had terrible money habits, found myself working in jobs that were completely not in line with my soul personality, I also found myself constantly reliant on my mum and friends to provide for me and loan me money and I would spend my money on things that were harmful for me.

I created mountains of bad debts which I am still paying off today and I have at times been dishonest in the past about money to gain money. For example, I have over claimed items on insurance when my house got broken into over 10 years ago and been dishonest on a couple of previous tax returns.

I share this with the aim to be completely transparent about my past and that I have since come to learn from my mistakes and for the past 7 years have always been completely honest in all my dealings with money and people.

I want to correct my errors of the past, refine my soul and learn how to gift God’s Way. I have a long way to go and not completely there yet.

However, I do know that I desire to grow and be of service to others, and I do hope by engaging this business we can be of assistance to anyone who accesses our services.

To wrap up, just a little bit about what we offer which can be found more in depth on our website – we offer Soul Growth Mentoring completely for free as we believe that learning how to grow your soul and have a relationship with God is essential to human life. Any donations we receive from these services we donate 20% to our chosen charities.

We also offer certain services for a set price, these are services that are not essential to human life, and require skilled professionals however we hope that one day we can be completely donations based. Any income we receive from these services we donate 10% to our chosen charities and the rest goes back into buying gear and equipment to grow the business. If we are given tips or donations on top of our income we donate a further 20% of that donation towards our chosen charities.

If you feel your someone who would benefit from any information we share, you have a desire for God (outside of religion), you want to grow your soul, or you simply want to know more about our services, you can do so by subscribing.

We will aim to uphold transparency and nothing will be hidden and this blog will be a place where we will share many things both professional and personal including –

  • Personal updates on our emotional soul progression and things we learn from God
  • Monthly Soul Growth Messages
  • Mistakes, errors and corrections on our business or personal interactions with clients and each other.
  • Tutorials
  • Latest jobs we are commissioned to do
  • Financial matters
  • Anything we create from film, music and digital content design.
  • Goals and Accomplishments
  • Industry news and updates
  • Bi-annual newsletter updates

Thank you for reading this far and we look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Love Thalia X

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