Soulset Records


Soulset Records is an independent record label dedicated to nourishing your growth as an artist. We can provide services in film composition, music production, recording, songwriting and composition, mixing and mastering, artist business development and artist soul growth development.

Our studio is a simple setup and more suited to the DIY independent musician, beatmakers, producers, songwriting, vocal production, editing and in-the-box-mixing.

Commercial Releases

Here at Soulset Records we understand that not everyone’s budget is the same; some clients want a Producer/Engineer, others have one, or are a Freelance Producer/Engineer themselves.

Whatever the project, we’ll try and work within your budget and offer reduced rates where we can.

In-House Producer/Engineer Rates

If you are in need of a producer/engineer get in touch to discuss your next project.

Let’s Have a Chat

If you have a particular question, want to discuss a project or just want to come down and look around, then just call us, or if you prefer, write to us at

Studio Phone: 0437 035 220



2 x SC207 Eve Monitors (7″)

1 x 8″ Presonus Subwoofer


180 cm Sit Stand Desk

2 x speaker stands

1 x Macbook Pro 64GB RAM i9

1 x Powered USB Hub (7 inputs)


1 x RME Fireface UCX Interface (36 channel)

1 x Scarlett 2i2 Interface

2 x Aston Stealth Microphones

1 x AKG Condensor P220

1 x SM58

1 x Senheisser e935

2 x Audio Technia ATH-M50x Headphones

1 x Tascam Model 12 Mixer


1 x Mini Maton (Diesal Sunburst Edition)

1 x Mini Maton (Maple)

1 x Yamaha Electric Guitar

1 x Boss Katana 50 Amp

1 x 88 Fully Weighted Native Instruments Keys

Push 2

Maschine MKIII

Launchpad Mini, X & Pro MKIII

Launchkey Mini MKIII (25keys) + more

Let’s Create Together!