Soul Growth Mentoring

Are you struggling in life? Do you seem to be stuck in negative patterns and toxic behaviours? Are you in a job you hate? Can’t seem to get anywhere with your passions? Can’t achieve your goals? Or have depression and are generally unhappy?

My name is Thalia, Founder of Soulset Studios and I am offering soul growth mentoring sessions to share information, tools and principles of God’s Love & Truth to assist people to help themselves grow emotionally. These sessions are not a counselling service rather more similar to life coaching and mentoring.

Due to my current soul condition and my own personal growth and development I still have a limited understanding of love and how to heal certain emotions. In other words I don’t know everything, however I will share what I have learned so far to the best of my current knowledge and ability. If there is something I don’t know I will let you know.

The focus will be on helping you to discover for yourself what negative emotions, beliefs and behaviours (the current pain you have) that is holding you back in life and the potential underlying motivations and reasons for these issues in your life.

The sessions are to help you essentially come to understand yourself and who you are, your true personality and nature, what your passions and desires are, and to assist you to become more responsible for your life, emotional growth and engaging your passions. I share the information but the responsibility is on you to do the emotional work and to discover what is inside of you.

These sessions are not religious in anyway, Soulset Studio’s is not affiliated with any religion and I am also not religious in any sense. ‘God’ is simply the person/being who has educated me over the past few years, through love, to understand a little about my soul and how to feel emotions.

I have spent a considerable time learning about how addictions and negative emotions can affect our lives in many ways and through a series of real-life experiences and emotional work, I feel I can pass on information that I have personally experienced and know to be true when it comes to healing and engaging our soul.

Whether you’re a person of faith or not is irrelevant. The sessions will include sharing information about what Love really is, what the human soul is, how it functions and also some of the major laws that govern the Human Soul.

This includes the Law of Attraction, the Law of Desire, the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Free Will, the Law of Compensation and the Laws of Forgiveness and Repentance. There are some Laws I will not be able to speak from personal experience as I have not yet engaged them fully or at all, and therefore I will only be able to pass on information to you for you to research and learn about.

I am still very much a working progress, and do not proclaim to know it all. I have a lot of resistance, facade and emotional work yet to be engaged, but I can assist with sharing information on what emotional processes I have gone through over the last few years and how it has helped me to grow emotionally which could potentially assist you and give you more emotional and soul awareness of where you are at so that you can make changes.

​Sessions are all FREE and are available in person in Sydney or via phone or video chat.

Love Thalia