Soul Growth Mentoring

One of the many issues in the world is emotional trauma and a lack of education on how to heal emotional trauma. This contributes to mental health issues, depression, suicide rates, and generally a lot of pain and suffering in the world.

With these kinds of issues prevalent it perpetuates negative patterns and toxic behaviours including addictions and violence.

The purpose of Soul Growth Mentoring is to provide practical solutions to some of the physical, emotional and spiritual problems that prevent people from engaging and discovering their true purpose and personality in the world.

If you feel you are stuck and cant seem to get anywhere in life, relationships, passions then this is a free service that may be able to provide you with some guidance to help you grow emotionally.

Through this mentoring we focus on addressing cause and effects to find the solution to any problem because when you find the root cause of any issue you have a better chance at healing or fixing the problem.

We also focus on emotions, beliefs and behaviours (the current pain you have) that is holding you back in life and the potential underlying motivations and reasons for these issues in your life.

The sessions are to help you essentially come to understand yourself and who you are, your true personality and nature, what your passions and desires are, and to assist you to become more responsible for your life, emotional growth and engaging your passions. I share the information but the responsibility is on you to do the emotional work and to discover what is inside of you.

Grow closer to God

Grow closer to soulmate

Heal emotional trauma

Improve Quality of Life

Grow your passions

Learn about God’s Love & Truth