DIFY Services


We offer services in video production including films, short films, documentaries, music videos, social media content and live streaming.

If you have an event or project that you need help with you can book a free 1 hr consultation to discuss your needs.

Soulset Films

Check out our portfolio that includes music videos, short films, feature films, videography, short promos, commercials and social media content.

Our home studio is unintimidating, warm, intimate and friendly and welcoming. It is perfect if it is your first time in a studio and don’t have much experience.

We have all the essential yet quality recording and music equipment to get you started, perfect for singer songwriters, solo artists and beat makers who want to make their first track or album.

Soulset Records

Soulset Records is an independent record label dedicated to nourishing your soul growth as an artist. We can also provide services in film composition, music production, recording, songwriting and composition, mixing and mastering, and artist development. Check out our portfolio!

Soulset Digital Design

We can create logos, vector tracing, social media assets, photography, album cover designs, business cards, theatre programs, posters and various forms of graphic design.

If you need any graphics or artwork for your business get in touch. If you want to learn how to DIY you can enrol in any of our lessons.

Our photography portfolio includes landscape, still life, portraits, food, nature and more!

Soulset DIY Education

Want to learn how to DIY so that you can get your passions up and running? We have a number of education programs that focus on music, photography, film, and DIY homes studio setups that will help you get started.

We also have free unique holistic programs that focus on the development of the soul such as our Soul Growth Mentoring sessions which is all about providing you with tools to work through any emotional block that is holding you back from doing what you love. This service is available to anyone, you don’t need to be into music or film either! You can have a passion in anything šŸ™‚