Our Goals

Our VISION- A world full of passionate people living their true nature and fulfilling their dreams through a personal relationship with God and their soulmate.

Our MISSION – is to provide the most accessible and quality DIY education and production services to businesses and individuals wanting to grow their passions.

Soulset Studios aims to discover and share God’s Way in relation to the human soul with a specific focus on discovering and engaging passions and desires. There are many people in this world who do not get the opportunity to really explore who they really are and do what they really love for many reasons ranging from disability, incarceration, childhood trauma or simply because they are in survival mode where their basic living expenses and needs are not met eg food, water and shelter.

To achieve our vision we hope to provide gifts, services, discoveries, tools and information that may propel all of humanity to a new way of living where everyone is engaged in their true purpose and passion in life using God’s Love and Truth as a guide. Our goal is to:


Educate the world on the importance of finding and discovering your purpose, passions and desires in developing the human soul and a relationship with God.


To encourage the development of self-responsibility and actioning your passions and desires by creating lasting loving creations that will benefit not only yourself but others as well.


Feeling and releasing unloving and negative emotions in your soul that are holding you back in your passions and desires through a personal relationship with God.

What we strive for:

In harmony with our core ethics and beliefs of Soulset Studios our aim is to provide information, products and services that:

Promotes love, peace and equality in the world for all humanity including animals.

Educates people and societies on the healthy development of the human soul’s true personality and nature.

Educates people and societies on the power and potential of the human soul in creating and attracting abundance, positivity, joy and fulfilment in one’s life through engaging our true personality and passions.

Assists people and societies to discover, action and engage their passions and desires in their daily life and improve their quality of life.

Promotes self-responsibility for one’s life, choices, and passions.

Promotes and teaches about a gifting economy for the world which would eliminate barter, greed, demand, compromise, status, inequality and power.

Promotes an opportunity to have more time to focus on what is really important in life without the economy in involved.

Promotes an opportunity for the world to slow down and reduce its footprint on nature.

Promotes and encourages a healthy balanced life that includes, passions, time for rest and reflection, time for self, personal growth and development.

Promotes learning new skills, and developing passions in many area’s not just one.

Educates and encourages peoples and societies on giving gifts through passions, and how to engage one’s passions in a loving and non-forceful manner that does not intrude or demand upon other’s free will.

Challenges and highlights personal addictions which prevent the discovery of one’s true personality and nature, and hinders your progress with your passions.