Our Beliefs & Values

Soulset Studios endeavour’s to create a loving business based on the example and model of the God’s Way charitable organisation of doing “business”. We do not belong to any religion or church and do not represent ‘Christianity’ however we deeply believe in God as our True Parent with whom we can have a personal relationship with anywhere, anytime, any place regardless of religion, race, sexuality or social status.

Everything we have learned about God, and how to have a personal relationship with God, we have learned from Divine Truth teachings taught by AJ Miller and Mary Luck who claim to be Jesus and Mary Magdalene from the first century.

They are also the Founders of God’s Way and we would like to thank them and all of the directors of God’s Way for all of the information they have provided on their website, which now makes it possible for us to experiment and apply to our own personal lives and business.

We desire to experiment with systems outlined by this organisation and apply it to how we would like Soulset Studios to operate. All of our beliefs, values and ethics have been sourced from the God’s Way Blog and adapted to suit our business.

Please note that the current Founder of Soulset Studios, Thalia Skopellos’s soul based experience and understanding of the following fundamental principles outlined by God’s Way blog is very limited and extremely under developed.

Therefore, the operation of Soulset Studios in complete harmony with God’s way of doing ‘business’ will be a work in progress, sometimes messy, at times in error, and we will no doubt make a heap of mistakes along the way. This will all be part and parcel of the experiment in doing things God’s Way, and hopefully will be an opportunity for growth in many areas.

This will be completely dependant upon Thalia’s desire and will to actively engage self responsibility to God’s Way in Action, and her commitment to pursue the experiment with the discovery of God’s Way in her own personal life and in all relationships within the business.

With all that said, Soulset Studios endeavours and attempts to uphold the following values, ethics and principles to the highest standard possible given our current emotional understanding and condition of love :

Self Responsibility

‘Self-Responsibility is the law based requirement of self-awareness, to seek truth, love and understanding of all principles of Love and law, and the loving ownership and expression of ones will, desire, passion, emotion, attitudes, intentions, thoughts and actions in harmony with God’s Principles and laws.’

Source:  Divine Truth  Accessed 17/05/2020 via God’s Way Blog

It will be impossible for Soulset Studio’s founders, members and volunteers to demonstrate God’s Way if we are not personally practicing self responsibility and God’s Principles in our lives.

Therefore all Founder’s, members, and volunteer’s within Soulset Studio’s is held personally and collectively responsible for practicing God’s Principles not only in their work within the organisation but also in their personal life and all dealings with others.

Soulset Studio’s operations and projects depend completely upon each person’s level of self-responsibility. If there are issues relating to Love and Truth that need to be addressed by individuals or within teams, then work stops until those matters are resolved.

God’s Way in Action

Soulset Studios aims to demonstrate God’s Way in action in relation to the discovery of the human soul’s true personality and nature, and the development of passions and desires.

It is very difficult to demonstrate God’s Way without knowing what God’s Way is. So the first step is to discover it for oneself through a personal relationship with God. Not through church, or an organisation but through a heart to heart connection with God in harmony with God’s Principles.

With every problem to be solved or every goal to be achieved, God’s Principles must be engaged and put into practice.

Once God’s Way has been discovered, and experienced for oneself, Soulset Studios will share any new discovery, process or method in great detail so that they can be repeated by as many people as possible in order to benefit the world.

In order for all of this to happen, Founders, and all those directly involved with Soulset Studios must actively develop humility which means:

Identifying and putting aside personal bias – understand everything you have currently learned is potentially subject to error or out of harmony with God’s Love and Truth.

Giving up addictive emotional attachments – anything that helps you to avoid your painful and negative emotions.

Admit mistakes , be honest at all times about how you feel, and embrace a state of constant change.