Our Ethics & Conduct

Financial Transparency

We are a company which is “not for personal profit”. We provide both free and paid services. The services we provide that are free are essential services and information that we believe are necessary for the growth and development of humanity in relation to the Truth about God and the Human Soul.

Services we provide that will most likely require payment are projects that require certain skill sets, and the hiring of professionals to create teams of workers to complete jobs. For example film production, music services and digital content creation.

For those projects directors/leaders wages are capped and any profit made is used to grow the company and further support our great charities. As truth is one of our founding principles, our financial records and information on our salaries will be shared online.  We feel strongly that high director wages do not support our ethics and that directors will never get rich from the donations you choose to give the business or any earnings we receive from financed projects.

Gifting Economy

We desire for everyone to be embraced in their passions and living a life that represents them because we love what we do and find a tremendous amount of joy in embracing our passions and gifts on a day to day basis and want others to experience the same.

Soulset Studios desires to be a part of creating a gift economy to show that it is possible, practical and much more loving to give gifts on a pay as you feel basis rather than how our current economic system operates. We want other’s work life to no longer be about bartering, contracts, or paying for the right to demand things from others.

By creating a gift economy it gives you the opportunity to pay as you feel which means that you take more responsibility for the choices you make, it is also a demonstration of your will and desire to love and give gifts to others.

At this stage we offer all the information relating to our experiment with a relationship with God and what we learn about the human soul and healing emotional trauma for free as we believe this information is essential to our emotional and spiritual growth and healing.

Eventually we would like to work towards a film and music production business that is 100% donations based. However, as mentioned previously these jobs often require a team of skilled professionals who require payment for their time.

It is impossible to run a film production set to a high quality without a team. There is only so much that two people can achieve on their own that only produces a certain quality.

We would love to get to the point where we receive enough donations to be able to fund a feature film however until then there will be certain projects that we are commissioned to undertake will require a payment to pay for the hire of a team to assist us.

Environment & Sustainability

Due to the devastating and negative impact of animal agriculture on the environment, and the cruelty involved in the production of animal products for human consumption, where practicably possible, our premises, and all of our productions will be vegan. We will also endeavour to improve our energy footprint, waste management and removal processes and use products that will have the least harm on the earth.

Living Wage & Welfare

We desire to put ethics at the heart of what we do, we aim to always offer any external professionals we hire for our productions a wage that allows our workers to live a well-balanced lifestyle, with wages that are above the equity minimum outlined by MEAA, that meets the cost of living and essentials for human life.

At the moment Soulset Studios does not have any full time workers, and is currently led by Thalia Skopellos and Nicoleta Marangou. Individual meetings and regular discussion are held to maintain an honest and open flow of communication in the business.

When external contractors or staff are hired, feedback on individual’s performance, we feel is very important to their happiness in the workplace. We attempt to deal with issues when they arise and ask for high levels of self-responsibility from everyone in the team.  

We do this because it’s most loving to all involved.  We will aim to further develop our staff training protocol and improving how we can be more a more responsible employer.

Community Interest

At Soulset Studios, we desire to assist others to grow in their passions and have a big focus on music and film production. However, there are some pressing issues in the world that we feel are of high importance that we would like to support and contribute to and have chosen specific charities that desire to work towards eliminating poverty, and regenerating the environment.

All money donated to various charities, will be made available to the public and shared online through our financial transparency policy.

No Marketing or Manipulation

It is a very common practice in the world to manipulate people’s emotions to profit from. Soulset Studios will never use marketing tactics such as click bait, fear messaging, spam emails or intrusive advertising, to exploit or manipulate the emotional injuries of others in order to receive donations, secure work or get jobs done.

We will post any news, updates and new products directly to our website, blogs and social media pages that allows others the free will to access or not.

We desire to support people to love themselves and their environment and to offer everyone the opportunity to learn about the possibility of a personal relationship with God.

When responding to or dealing with others, Soulset Studios and its representatives endeavours to uphold love for God, ourselves, for the individuals and groups involved and for the world as sees this as a high priority.

We cannot accept someones assistance if someone outside of the business insists that they don’t mind sacrificing love of themselves, their time, resources or environment to get things done.

If someone is motivated by guilt or obligation to give to us or assist we will not take advantage of them and refuse their ‘gift’.