New Update: Beyond Summerland Entertainment

This has been 3 years in the making. When we created BSE 3 years ago we were not ready, we had some growing pains to go through and also we needed to develop our skills in storytelling. We now have our qualifications in film and are ready to start creating content on this platform.

We have made some changes and decided we just want to focus on story, particularly we want to use film and books to share our stories with you and this platform will be 100% donations based.

For our music and other artistic endeavours please refer to Soulset Studios for the latest updates. We are recording and releasing music regularly on that platform through our label Soulset Records as well as, other videography projects for clients through Soulset Films, creating online courses, upcoming clothing label and more!

At BSE we want to be a quite focused on one area which is story and in partnership with Soulset Studios we will share our books and films with you. We are also almost ready to launch our new website and share our pitches for various scripts and stories we have been working on. We are excited and will let you know when our website is ready!

We have a pretty bold mission and that is to share what we discover and learn about God through story. I will admit that my knowledge of God is very limited, my desire for God is not as strong as what it could be. For the most part I ignore God. For the most part I think I have a better way. My personal experiences I have had with God are very limited and can be counted on one hand.

However I have a growing faith and the experiences I’ve had with God since 2014, have taught me that God exists, God has personal Love for everyone, to experience God’s Love is a gift. God can be accessed anywhere anytime and does not require you to be a part of any religion. God is healing, and can help you to discover who you are, teach you about all of your emotional trauma and can help you to heal both emotionally and physically.

These are the kinds of truths that we personally experience that we want to share through story that we may learn directly from God what is loving and what isn’t through a personal relationship and communication. My relationship with God is far from perfect, I am far from perfect, but I know that God created my soul, that includes me and my soulmate Nicoleta Marangou and we want to share our imperfect love for God by sharing stories through books and film from a non religious perspective.

We want to share with humanity through story everything we learn and personally experience with God. We have many that we want to share and if you’d like to follow along we have a YouTube channel where we will be sharing weekly content.

Love Thay X

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