New Music Release – Ayo Ayo

A note from our Founder – Thalia

Just a quick hello and note about my new single Ayo Ayo which is out now on all streaming platforms. You might notice a new name Ellatronix. ‘Ella’ is a childhood nickname I grew up with on the daily right into my adulthood. In fact, I am still called Ella to this day by those who I grew up around.

Ellatronix is another project I created to focus more on electronic music and using mainly midi instruments to create instrumentals and short beat sketches.

This first single under this new project was born from a short 1 min beat loop I created earlier in the year for a 20 day beat making challenge where I made a beat a day for 20 days on my Instagram page @ellatronixofficial.

Originally I intended to flesh it out into a full instrumental beat, but then I really liked the flute melody and thought it would make for a great chorus hook so I decided to make it into a full singer-songwriter track.

The original beat sketch!

Inspired by recent issues of the world this song explores what if we were to take more breaks from the hustle and bustle of life, and embrace the opportunity that is being presented to us to change, slow down, feel, reflect about whats most important, then how much more positive change might we see in the world?

For me it was beautiful to observe the positive impact on earth during the pandemic such as brown skies returning to blue and animals coming to play that I was very inspired to write about it.

Dave Ruby Howe from Triple J Unearthed describes it as ‘Buzzy electronic pop track that’s got an organic glow to it.’

To have a listen on your fave streaming platform head here –

Love Thay XX

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