Soulset Records is proud to release its second instrumental beat – Bubble Rain!

Bubble Rain is a futuristic, quirky beat with a rich soundscape of bubble drop arpeggiations, weird risers, scratchy synths, souring leads, luscious vocal sampled melodies and delay and reverb drenched plucky mallets that still manage to take you on that rainforest trek.

We were lucky to have our previous single Electric Sunset given a 4 star review from Dave Ruby Howe from Triple J and also played on Unearthed. Something very unexpected and surprising. We hope this next one will also give you some head bopping vibes and is a song that you may enjoy listening when you feel like having a bit of a dance or working out.

The new single was produced, composed, performed and mixed by Ellatronix in her home studio aka her living room for a daily beatmaking challenge during January of 2020 using just her laptop and a Launchkey Mini MKIII.

To listen on a platform of your choice visit here 🙂 Or on Spotify below.

We will have visuals to go with this release very soon!


Composed & Produced by Thalia Skopellos

Mixed by Thalia Skopellos

Artwork by Thalia Skopellos

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