Learn How to Make Video’s in Your Home!

We are taking our film production courses/workshops on the road and today was the first day of delivering these workshops on the Gold Coast.

Our film course is usually run over 8 weeks consisting of 3hr weekly classes, however, we have modified this to be delivered within 6 days, scheduled as 2 days on and 1 day off break.

The purpose of these workshops is to teach you how to make your own videos, learn how to use your own video gear and tell effective stories which is a part of our DIY Education in showing you how to do it yourself.

As this is the first time doing this, it is an experiment and we will reevaluate after this to see how effective it is running it this way.

Our education programs are flexible where we can come to your home in any state and teach you how to use your gear and tools to create either really basic videos or highly cinematic content with very little tools where you can share your story or gifts with the world.

It is our desire to provide others with the tools to get their passions up and running, and it is also beautiful to see my soulmate Nicoleta engaging her passions as well.

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