We have different holistic programs for different groups of people. Our holistic programs are specifically designed for the following reasons:

To mentor individuals with emotional trauma who desire personal growth

To provide equal access to education essential for human life

To assist individuals with disability to have access to work study and work opportunities in film

Educates people and societies on the healthy development of the human soul’s true personality and nature.

Educates people and societies on the power and potential of the human soul in creating and attracting abundance, positivity, joy and fulfilment in one’s life through engaging our true personality and passions.

Assists people and societies to discover, action and engage their passions and desires in their daily life and improve their quality of life.

Promotes and encourages a healthy balanced life that includes, passions, time for rest and reflection, time for self, personal growth and development.

Challenges and highlights personal addictions which prevent the discovery of one’s true personality and nature, and hinders your progress with your passions.