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We desire to experiment and learn God’s Way (independent of all religions) everything about the human soul and how to discover, develop and live your true personality and purpose in this world through engaging your passions and desires.

We desire for everyone to be who they are and do what they love!

Our Passions!

We love story and music and also offer service’s across 4 key business areas: film, music, digital content and education. A unique part of our service is our holistic educational programs for prisons and working with disability currently in development.

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Soulset Films

We can create feature films, short films, music video’s, documentaries and videography, social media content and high quality livestreams!

Soulset Digital Design

We can create logos, vector tracing, social media assets, photography, album cover designs, business cards, theatre programs, posters and various forms of graphic design.

Soulset Records

We can create film scores, theatre sound design and music production for most genres as well as songwriting, lyric writing and music theory.

Soulset Education

We are currently developing holistic programs for prisons and working with disability and also provide soul growth mentoring sessions. We can also provide one on one or group workshops in independent music and film production, photography, DIY home music and film studio design, equipment and gear setup.