God’s Principles

Soulset Studio’s has a growing faith in these principles as outlined by God’s Way and seeks to establish the following as scientific facts:


Everything that God has ever created – including but not limited to the working of all of God’s Laws; all substances, particles, matter; the natural environment; the workings of the human body and the universe as a whole – all have love as their basis.

Everything needs love (Love as defined by God’s Principles, not the definition currently accepted on Earth today) in order to function correctly.

All of God’s Laws and the natural operations of the entire universe continually work to correct anything that does not have love as its basis.

God’s Laws will work to support and maintain anything made by humans – including but not limited to systems, products, conditions, substances and processes – that has love as its basis.


In order for any problem to be effectively and permanently resolved, the solution must have absolute truth as its basis.

In order for anything – including but not limited to systems, relationships, processes – to be truly and permanently effective, the truth in relation to that thing must be discovered and applied to it without compromise.


Humans have yet to discover or understand the majority of all absolute truth that is available to know.

In order for true positive progress and change to occur, humans must come to: accept that what they currently know is insignificant compared to the infinite absolute truth yet to be discovered; be willing to relinquish what they currently believe to be true when it is found to be false, and seek to discover and accept new scientific truths.


The first requirement to living God’s Way is sincere faith in the Fundamental Facts surrounding love, truth and humility. Sincere faith will generate and motivate a desire to live in harmony with the way God designed humankind to live (God’s Way).

Living God’s Way creates the possibility of learning new truth and making new scientific discoveries. Unless a person lives in harmony with God’s Way, there are limits to the possible discovery of new scientific truths. This fact is inherent to the way that God created the Laws that govern the operations of the universe.

Faith also creates conviction within, that new discovery is possible and motivates the desire to make such discoveries. In order to fulfil the vision of Soulset Studios and make new discoveries, the individuals within the organisation must develop and exercise faith in new possibilities.

Making new discoveries builds additional faith and allows a person to act confidently on what is now known as fact.

Source:   God’s Way Blog , Accessed 17 May 2020