We are Thalia and Nicoleta and at Soulset Studios, we create content that is informative, insightful, practical, and helpful to give you the skills to make your own videos. We teach you how to tell compelling stories to grow your passions so you can live a fulfilling and enjoyable life doing what you love everyday.

We know making videos can be expensive and it can take many years and tens of thousands of dollars to learn the skills to make high quality cinematic videos. In our experience, story is often a forgotten element in the video making process.

We know because we have done the hard work already. We studied many long, hard working years at university, learning about film and story and have a nice student loan to pay off as a result.

It was tiring and a lot of work and often prevented us from working on our own projects as we had many assignments that took priority and were not related to what we wanted to do.

We were just eager to finish so we could get started on creating projects for our own brand.

What we learned was having a piece of paper didn’t necessarily mean we had the skills. It wasn’t until after we finished our studies and started creating videos for clients and ourselves that we began to grow in our expertise.

It forced us to think on our feet, troubleshoot, make mistakes along the way, and it taught us what works and what doesn’t.

However, just because we now had the skills it didn’t necessarily mean we had the confidence and the belief we could do it on our own. These were some of our issues:

  • We had no faith we could build our own business so we procrastinated
  • We were easily sidetracked away from our passions and working in jobs we weren’t as passionate about
  • We had no faith to attract any customers to our business so we continued to work for other people


We both lost our jobs due to the pandemic, and now there was no other option but to take a leap of faith and be 100% full time doing what we love. So we JUMPED.

We want to share all the tools that we have spent years studying that will save you time and money so that you can get started TODAY on doing what you love and creating the life that you want.

Our point is, everyone has a story. Everyone has barriers to overcome and understanding your story helps you grow a relationship with your clients, customers and/or audiences.

We know it’s scary to take that leap of faith, to believe in what you do and love, that’s why we’re here to help you take flight.

We want to teach you how to take your unique story and craft it into a powerful message through high quality cinematic video to promote your brand so that you can become responsible for your own finances and turn your passion into a sustainable income stream.

You won’t do it on your own though, we will be there every step of the way to help you on your journey. Our courses includes follow up personalised support from both of us, where you can get the feedback and guidance you need to help you with your learning.