Film Production


Short Course – Module 1

Elements of Design

This subject is related to ‘Capture & Edit’ with the purpose to introduce you to the connection between photography, cinematography and editing. This is where we will introduce you to the techniques of design in photography to give you an insight in learning the art of how to frame shots and tell a story.

Capture & Edit

Through using common and widely used industry techniques, and practical application ‘Capture & Edit’ will give students a brief introduction into screen production. A key learning outcome is that students produce their own material, photographs and videos, and learn how to edit them for multiple screen media platforms.

Lighting and & Camera Operation

This subject is focused on helping you to build your skills in how to operate a camera in relationship with natural and artificial lighting and how to use the lens and lighting as a tool for storytelling.

Intro to Screen Language

Learn the elements of storytelling (e.g. theme and motif, design elements, mise en scene) are incorporated into the studies as well visual coding within digital media. Learn how to differentiate genre and forms of narrative communicative

Producing 1 Project

We share our insights on how to prepare, plan, schedule and execute a shoot. Students will have the opportunity to produce a film and shoot a scene covering pre-production, production and post-production.

Intro to Audio & Sound

Explore fundamental principles of sound, including basic mixing principles and learn the basics on how to capture and sync audio to your film.

Short Course – Module 2

Intro to Documentary Filmmaking

Learn research techniques to develop your story, interview techniques, sound recording skills, documentary shooting, lighting techniques and green-screen compositing. We will also explore documentary genres and styles and how to pitch and produce a documentary.

Intro to Storytelling & Narrative

Producing 2 Project

Students will have the opportunity to plan and produce a short film documentary. Apply Producing 1 fundamentals to plan, schedule and execute a shoot.