Demonstrating God’s Way

What is God’s Way in Action?

All of the information provided here has been based off information God’s Way Ltd blog and adapted to be specific to Soulset Studios.

Equal Access

We desire all people have equal access to God’s Truth! We want to provide as much information that we learn and discover about the God’s Way , the human soul, and passions and desires without a price tag!

This information will be provided freely with easy access regardless of age, gender, sexuality, religion, race, social status or background.

We desire to assist others to learn as much as they can about themselves, the human existence and any other information that will encourage and assist them to live in harmony with the Way that God intended for every person to live a happy and fulfilling life.

We don’t want to create favouritism, hierarchies or ‘special relationships’ which would either create preferential treatment or prevent or limit any person from accessing Truth about God, the purpose of human existence or any other information relating to living in harmony with the Way that God intended.


Soulset Studios practices transparency in its finances, operations, procedures, products and decisions.

This means that Soulset Studios will share a lot – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Not only will be share about new discoveries and current projects, but also about our relationship with ourselves and others, mistakes, failures, errors, lessons learned, triumphs, resistances and various issues that may be affecting our growth towards God.

No marketing or manipulation

Soulset Studios will not exploit or manipulate the emotional injuries of others in order to receive donations or get jobs done. For example,

We desire to support people to:

Love themselves and their environment

and . . .

To learn about the possibility of a personal relationship with God.

In all responses and dealings with others, Soulset Studios and its representatives must uphold love for God, ourselves, for the individuals and groups involved and for the world.

We desire to put Love for God, ourselves and others are the most highest priorities. Therefore we cannot accept the assistance of people that sacrifice love of themselves, their time, resources or environment.

Soulset Studios won’t ever play on feelings of guilt or obligation in people. Instead, if these injuries are motivating a person to give or act we will oppose their actions and refuse their “gift”.

By contrast, almost all organisations, businesses and even charities in the world today, commonly use manipulation of people’s emotions to garner business or donations. A lot of marketers will use fear tactics and urgency to coerce others into buying products. Eg click funnels, affiliate marketing etc.