All Age Music Mid Year Concert

Our last project we did involved filming and photographing All Age Music school’s mid year concert!

It is always inspiring to see young children following their passions and doing something they love. We offered this gig as a pay as you feel transaction which meant that the client got to choose how much they would like to gift.

While we haven’t been 100% ‘Pay As You Feel’ based in the past, we do offer this as an option for payment. As most clients do request a quote we usually provide what the standard industry price would usually be so the client can make an informed decision on how much they pay.

Obviously while we are all in lockdown and cannot participate in activities like this, in the meantime we look forward to sharing more of our own content on our YouTube and Instagram pages.

New Update: Beyond Summerland Entertainment

This has been 3 years in the making. When we created BSE 3 years ago we were not ready, we had some growing pains to go through and also we needed to develop our skills in storytelling. We now have our qualifications in film and are ready to start creating content on this platform.

We have made some changes and decided we just want to focus on story, particularly we want to use film and books to share our stories with you and this platform will be 100% donations based.

For our music and other artistic endeavours please refer to Soulset Studios for the latest updates. We are recording and releasing music regularly on that platform through our label Soulset Records as well as, other videography projects for clients through Soulset Films, creating online courses, upcoming clothing label and more!

At BSE we want to be a quite focused on one area which is story and in partnership with Soulset Studios we will share our books and films with you. We are also almost ready to launch our new website and share our pitches for various scripts and stories we have been working on. We are excited and will let you know when our website is ready!

We have a pretty bold mission and that is to share what we discover and learn about God through story. I will admit that my knowledge of God is very limited, my desire for God is not as strong as what it could be. For the most part I ignore God. For the most part I think I have a better way. My personal experiences I have had with God are very limited and can be counted on one hand.

However I have a growing faith and the experiences I’ve had with God since 2014, have taught me that God exists, God has personal Love for everyone, to experience God’s Love is a gift. God can be accessed anywhere anytime and does not require you to be a part of any religion. God is healing, and can help you to discover who you are, teach you about all of your emotional trauma and can help you to heal both emotionally and physically.

These are the kinds of truths that we personally experience that we want to share through story that we may learn directly from God what is loving and what isn’t through a personal relationship and communication. My relationship with God is far from perfect, I am far from perfect, but I know that God created my soul, that includes me and my soulmate Nicoleta Marangou and we want to share our imperfect love for God by sharing stories through books and film from a non religious perspective.

We want to share with humanity through story everything we learn and personally experience with God. We have many that we want to share and if you’d like to follow along we have a YouTube channel where we will be sharing weekly content.

Love Thay X

Live Looping Performance of Dream Rider

For this release I decided to go with a live performance rather than a music video. This was shot as a one take all the way through and took about a week to practice all the changes to achieve a smooth performance from beginning to end without stopping.

It was quite the challenge to get a flow with how to arrange the performance, to add variation and new elements that aren’t in the original, while also trying to staying true to the original.



Written & Composed by Ellatronix

Produced by Ellatronix

Mixed by Ellatronix

Mastered by Nicky Howard @ The Fat Mastering

Filmed by Nicoleta Marangou

Edited by Thalia Skopellos

New Single Dream Rider Out Now!

If you can imagine driving down an empty road, reflecting and pondering about all your dreams and goals you’d like to achieve, this is Dream Rider – having the courage to travel the road less travelled to get to where you’re going. Produced by Ellatronix, Soulset Records is excited to release another single on all streaming platforms.

You can stream on your favourite platform, add to your playlist and share by following this link –


Written & Composed by Ellatronix
Produced by Ellatronix
Mixed by Ellatronix
Mastered by Nicky Howard @ The Fat Mastering


Our latest music video production was originally meant to be filmed in a studio but our budget didn’t allow it this time so we took advantage of the communal balcony on our level of the building we live it. Gave it a bit of a magic makeover with lighting, a smoke and bubble machine and this is what we achieved.

Making Beats with Fruit

This beat was made with a midi controller called Playtron! You have to connect the controller to your computer and DAW, choose your sounds and then connect the wires to any object to play your sounds with your hands.

It can be a lot of fun when things run smoothly ahaha. I found the midi controller works best when your hands are a little wet and best to find objects that don’t move around too much!



Soulset Records is proud to release its second instrumental beat – Bubble Rain!

Bubble Rain is a futuristic, quirky beat with a rich soundscape of bubble drop arpeggiations, weird risers, scratchy synths, souring leads, luscious vocal sampled melodies and delay and reverb drenched plucky mallets that still manage to take you on that rainforest trek.

We were lucky to have our previous single Electric Sunset given a 4 star review from Dave Ruby Howe from Triple J and also played on Unearthed. Something very unexpected and surprising. We hope this next one will also give you some head bopping vibes and is a song that you may enjoy listening when you feel like having a bit of a dance or working out.

The new single was produced, composed, performed and mixed by Ellatronix in her home studio aka her living room for a daily beatmaking challenge during January of 2020 using just her laptop and a Launchkey Mini MKIII.

To listen on a platform of your choice visit here 🙂 Or on Spotify below.

We will have visuals to go with this release very soon!


Composed & Produced by Thalia Skopellos

Mixed by Thalia Skopellos

Artwork by Thalia Skopellos

Our First Official Music Video Release for Soulset Studios!

We are extremely proud of the production and shots in this video. Filmed with only a two girl crew by our Founders Thalia Skopellos and Nicoleta Marangou. We don’t have a lot of tools and hands on deck but it shows that with a bit of creativity, skills and knowledge you can produce something of high quality. There is always room for improvement and we hope to keep learning and improving on our productions.

The video was shot on a few different locations including Mrs Macquaries Chair, Botany Bay and Bottle & Glass Point however the Botany Bay footage didn’t end up making the final editors cut.

We hope you enjoy!


Music composed & produced by Ellatronix

Directed by Nicoleta Marangou

Cinematography by Nicoleta Marangou

Learn How to Make Video’s in Your Home!

We are taking our film production courses/workshops on the road and today was the first day of delivering these workshops on the Gold Coast.

Our film course is usually run over 8 weeks consisting of 3hr weekly classes, however, we have modified this to be delivered within 6 days, scheduled as 2 days on and 1 day off break.

The purpose of these workshops is to teach you how to make your own videos, learn how to use your own video gear and tell effective stories which is a part of our DIY Education in showing you how to do it yourself.

As this is the first time doing this, it is an experiment and we will reevaluate after this to see how effective it is running it this way.

Our education programs are flexible where we can come to your home in any state and teach you how to use your gear and tools to create either really basic videos or highly cinematic content with very little tools where you can share your story or gifts with the world.

It is our desire to provide others with the tools to get their passions up and running, and it is also beautiful to see my soulmate Nicoleta engaging her passions as well.

For more information get in touch!

New Music Out Now – Electric Sunset

Soulset Records is proud to release some more music Electric Sunset by our Founder Thalia aka Ellatronix!

‘Electric Sunset’ is her first instrumental single that she produced and mixed at her home studio in Sydney and leans towards the tropical house and pop vibes. It was originally created during a live loop/beatmaking session using a Launchkey Mini MKIII, one of the many midi controllers she owns.

The single will be followed up with a music video and will be the first of many instrumentals/beats that will be released over the coming year, music that you can bop your head, tap your feet and dance to like no one’s watching! Or you can opt to listen to while you are working out, going for a walk or just wanting to chill on a balcony or verandah and take in nature’s beauty.

We are also a massive advocate for sustainability and regenerating the environment and through her studios Soulset Studios will be planting a tree for every 5 presaves and spins of her track within the first two weeks of release through One Tree Planted.

A part from making ‘bop your head’ bangers from her bedroom you can find Ella talking about emotional and mental health on her YouTube channel, facilitating beat workshops for Heaps Decent and teaching music at TafeNSW. She has also previously worked for Mad Proppa Deadly, ICE and MusicNSW as a mentor/producer for their electronic music programs.