Follow the journey of Tropical Girl as she navigates through dealing with the emotional roller coaster of losing her ocean friend Cheeky. In her pursuit for revenge she ends up in a magical forest Arcadia where she relunctantly meets new friends and learns about the ugly truth of the forest.


Produced & Mixed by Ellatronix 

Mastered by Nicky Howard 

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A Beyond Summerland Entertainment Production in Association with Soulset Studios & Beak Brush Animations and funded by CreateNSW


Directed & Written by Thalia Skopellos & Nicoleta Marangou

Produced by Thalia Skopellos & Nicoleta Marangou

Storyboarding, Animation, Effects by James Dickson

Animation, Line Art by Crystal Thurley

Backgrounds & Assets by Tiffany Kho

Additional Backgrounds by Mimi Dickson